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About Us

About Guillevin Greentech

A division of Guillevin International Co,. Guillevin Greentech was formed in 2016 with a mandate to provide a truly national renewable energy products supply network to the quickly-developing solar, wind and electric vehicle (EV) markets.

What we do

As a means to handle power needs by 2025, the Federal and Provincial governments have stringent plans in place to help Canada achieve targets as high as 50% adoption of renewable energy technologies. Guillevin Greentech is a renewable energy solutions supplier who understands the nuances of each market and provides technical expertise in all sectors to project owners, developers, contractors and engineering community. In partnership with U.S. based CED Greentech, a dominant player in the U.S. solar/PV market, Guillevin Greentech is part of a North American  “Greentech” brand.


Leading the way since 1906, the name Guillevin has been synonymous with quality, efficiency and innovation in the field of product distribution and supply. Driven by our uncompromising commitment to satisfying customers’ requirements, we have established a vast network of distribution centres all doing business based on the needs of their local customers.


Guillevin’s vast array of products and equipment is equaled only by their unmatched quality and reliability. In fact, since its earliest beginnings, the Company has governed all aspects of its operations based on the premise that its customers are the reason for its existence.


Highly experienced in their respective areas of responsibilities, and working hand-in-hand in a spirit of cooperation and teamwork, our employees have always been the determining factor in our ability to deliver. This shared dedication to customer satisfaction is backed and nurtured by our commitment to the ongoing training and development of our people.