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Energy Monitoring

Neurio energy management system

Homeowners can keep track of their energy generation and consumption in real-time with the easy-to-use smartphone apps or Website and make better cost-saving decisions.

Home Energy Monitoring Kit

Easy to install, the Neurio Home Energy Monitor measures how much power is being consumed throughout the home. Real-time information is displayed through an easy-to-use web or smartphone app. Find out where costly energy is being wasted and reduce monthly bills by up to 20%.

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Solar Expansion Kit

When bundled with Neurio Home Energy Monitor (W1-HEM), the Solar Expansion Kit measures solar power generation and consumption in real-time. Information is displayed through easy-to-use smartphone or Web apps. Neurio makes it easy to monitor solar system performance and helps homeowners further reduce energy costs.

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Three Phase Expansion Kit

When bundled with the Neurio Home Energy Monitor (W1-HEM), the Three Phase Expansion Kit upgrades the system from split phase to three phase. Kit includes 1X CT (Current Transformer), Wiretap and Install Guide.

The Neurio Home Energy Monitor:  Why you need one in your home.