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Energy storage is simply the ability to store electrical energy for use at a later time.

The ongoing quest to develop and adapt new electrical grid energy storage technologies for small to large scale electricity consumption has become an important mandate for all energy providers worldwide. We are helping to provide dependable power for the future as well as clean renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

The new emerging technologies with safer Lithium battery chemistries and larger storage capabilities combined with other renewable sources, has now become more promising than ever before. The development and procurement for this stored energy for small residential to large commercial scale support has already begun. The energy storage market is poised to be one of the fastest growing industries in Canada and Guillevin Greentech is proud to be an integral part of this supply chain.


Guillevin Greentech is the exclusive Canadian distributor of the sonnenBatterie eco residential and commercial energy storage systems. When combined with solar photovoltaic energy, this system can provide smart energy management, peak energy saving and power backup for most, if not all household or small commercial loads.