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Racking systems for residential rooftops

Every residential rooftop is unique in terms of slope, obstacles (such as chimneys) and the types of material used, making the installations of PV systems unique as well as challenging if you do not have the proper material for the job. We have taken the individuality of each rooftop into consideration when determining what material we should inventory to ensure ease of installation. Guillevin Greentech offers a variety of racking systems for all types of rooftop and residential installations, from products up to 20ft in length to rail-free mounting with all the associated hardware. All of our products meet or exceed industry standard.

Schletter Racking

Since 2010, Schletter has delivered over 3,000 mounting systems for solar projects in Canada.  With their lightweight 100% aluminum rails, installation is quick and easy.  They offer a variety of roof attachment products and rail designs.  Schletter enables you to install systems on nearly all roof types.
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