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Array Protection

Array Protection

It is important to include array protection during the design of your solar panel system. Animals such as squirrels and birds can damage the cables underlying the rooftop panels thus reducing the longevity of your investment. Guillevin Greentech can offer a variety of easy to install and visually aesthetic products designed for array protection.


SolaTrim protects and extends the longevity of your rooftop PV system. These easy to install and sleek-looking products will safeguard your system from any outside factors that could potentially damage its integrity. SolaTrim enhances the look of your system and ensures that your renewable energy investment is well protected.


Heyco is a dynamic manufacturing and engineering company that develops its products through unique molding engineering and innovative tool design. Their patented Heyco SunScreen™ Wire Mesh and SunScreener™ Wire Mesh clips provide an easy to install system that protects the integrity of your rooftop design from rodents and birds, thus ensuring longevity of your investment.