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Elbows and Arresters

Elbows and Arresters

The 600/900A Deadbreak Elbow

Made by Richards Manufacturing, the Deadbreak Elbow provides an easy, reliable way to terminate cables and equipment and splice primary cable up to 35kV. It is fully shielded and features a bolted connection in either aluminum (600A) or copper (900A). Accessories are available for insulating, testing, grounding and circuit expansion.

The innovative 35kV R-Stack Surge Arrester

An ultra-efficient way to protect underground cables/equipment from harmful over-voltages. Richard Manufacturing’s arrester is equipped with gapless Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) technology, assembled within a fully-shielded, submersible EPDM housing. By utilizing a Deadbreak R-Stack Elbow housing, several critical advantages are afforded.


35kV R-Stack Arrester