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Fault Indicators

Fault Indicators

URD Cable Mounted

These Thomas & Betts fault indicators aid in locating faulted cables and equipment on underground distribution systems. Indicators are self-powered and consist of a solid state current sensor connected to faulted circuit display. Units are designed for direct installation to an underground power cable using a spring loaded, over center toggle clamp mounting provision.

The clamp accommodates cables ranging from .4 to 2.2 inches in diameter and includes retainer pads to prevent slip and twist. The clamp positions the cable conductor at a constant distance from the current sensor, maintaining indicator trip accuracy over the entire range of cable sizes.

Designs feature compact, shielded and sealed, corrosion resistant construction. The indicator is enclosed in a durable, impact resistant Lexan housing and includes a built-in pulling eye for easy hotstick installation and removal from the cable.
Thomas & Betts fault indicators

Test Point Reset

  • From Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL), the most economical solution for underground applications.
  • Easy to install on most brands of 200 A or 600 A class elbows with capacitive test points.
  • Automatic reset upon restoration of system voltage.
  • Ideal for pad-mounted transformer and switchgear applications.
  • Several remote display options eliminate the need to open an enclosure cabinet to determine the indicator’s status.
  • Available in single- and three-phase models.
  • Simply remove the fault indicator to access the test point.
  • Auxiliary contact option for SCADA compatibility.
  • Junction shield option prevents false tripping due to adjacent phase effects.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories fault indicators