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VAR Compensation Systems

The intermittent nature of the wind can create voltage stability problems on the transmission system to which a wind energy plant is connected. To prevent such occurrences, utilities and regulators have created increasingly strict grid interconnection requirements that renewable energy plants must meet . . . or risk production curtailment. S&C’s VAR compensation systems can help your wind energy plant conform to local grid interconnection requirements.

Collector System

The collector system of your wind plant delivers wind energy from the turbines to the collector substation, and on to the transmission grid. It’s a complex system that has design requirements distinctly different from typical medium-voltage distribution systems. Vista Switchgear is available in a wide range of models that allow application throughout the wind plant collector system. Compact Wind Turbine Style fits in the base of the tower and provides switching and protection for the turbine. Pad-Mounted Style can be customized according to the number of switched or protected incoming sources and outgoing loads. It’s installed in the collector system to meet local inspection requirements for isolation of segments during maintenance.